Construction consulting

Accurate Group, along with the complex package of its construction services (architectural design, interior design, construction, equipment rent and sales, furniture production) also offers constructional audit consulting and technical control of your project. It mainly includes:

  1. Project marketing analysis
  • Project preliminary evaluation, SWOT analysis, location-based research
  1. Pre-construction process analysis
  • Analysis of architectural and engineering project documentation and conclusion
  • Detailed financial – economic documentation (agreement, cost estimate, performance acts etc.) analysis and development in case absence
  • Analysis and evaluation of administrative, economic, and technical parts of the contractor or subcontractor
  • Working schedules
  • Common and separated construction works volume calculation
  • Reckoning of construction equipment transportation, maintenance and exploitation
  • Reckoning of administrative and construction stuff, and responsibilities definition
  1. Management of Construction process and technical control
  • Assurance of geodesies service and measurement during the construction
  • Management of engineering equipment placement, registration and testing
  • Periodic check of works done and technological sequence to be according to the project, construction norms and special technical requirements
  • Check of existence and accordance to the project of quality assurance certificates, technical documents and laboratory testing and analysis results of the materials used in construction, and processing of use restriction with appropriate acts, in case of mismatch
  • Registration of all changes done during the construction in the registry book
  • Participation in the work quality check conducted by supervision, governmental urban construction control and other authorized bodies, and correction in case of mismatches found
  • Check of responsibilities accomplishments by the parties of the construction agreement